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Why VauriiC

Our Mission

We at VauriiC, aim to provide world-class skincare products and services in India, that matches the international standards and are affordable. Our belief is more than just in the outer beauty, we care about the health of the skin and the true inner beauty. We are a thorough process-driven and not just an instant result-claiming brand. We aim towards enhancing the life and quality of your skin and thrive to contribute to the overall health of your skin with our advanced approach of good and balanced skin microbiome.

Who We Are

Our founder, Mr. Raghav Mittal graduated from the United Kingdom. During his time there, he attended multiple beauty fairs and spoke with a lot of interesting personalities in the beauty industry. He realized that there aren’t many Indian brands established in the international beauty market that ticked all the boxes of a great skincare brand. He took on a journey to fill the void and to create natural and result-oriented skincare products inherited by international beauty concepts. With his direction, we simply provide the most effective products which are absolutely clean & safe for the skin, free from everything that can possibly be toxic in nature be it chemicals or procedures. We ensure the quality of our products by following all the international standards in our State of the Art facility. We genuinely want our Indian customers to enjoy premium products at affordable prices.

VauriiC is introducing the International concepts of Probiotics and Skin Microbiome Friendly products in India. Our founder stands for the vision of creating a brand that brings the best of the world’s innovative beauty concepts to India and deliver even better products than our foreign counterparts. A perfect hybrid of the modern international skincare science & technology, and the rich Indian cultural herbs.

We at VauriiC are determined to provide the best of the best to our consumer family.

Our Founder

"Ever since the beginning, I've wanted to endorse skin's health as the parameter for beauty"