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Science, Psychology & Skincare

Every time we’re stressed, our body releases a hormone called Cortisol, the primary stress hormone. High levels of cortisol cause the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and increased oil production. This excess sebum clogs the pores, causing inflammation and acne breakouts. Fluctuation levels of cortisol in the body makes the skin more sensitive and reactive which have a negative effect on our skin’s health. But, it's time that we learn how to manage our stress and incorporate the right products in our skincare routine so we can reverse the effects of stress on our skin. And this is exactly what De-stressing skincare is all about. A bit of mindful self-care time with the right kind of ingredients to help rejuvenate our skin.

To Conclude ...



To Do List - For Your Perfectly Healthy Skin

Perfectly Healthy Skin- meditate


sleep well

Good Sleep

stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Perfectly Healthy Skin- eat healthy

Eat Healthy



Perfectly Healthy Skin- excercise




Perfectly Healthy Skin- just relax ...

And Just Relax ...

Our Founder's Testimonial

Let me share a small experience I had in my own house. It goes back to the time when I was pretty young and I was randomly observing my mother when I felt that she doesn’t really do things she likes or enjoys. Her day would start and end with working for me, my brother, my father, and the family altogether. She was always occupied with household chores and I could see the frustration building on her face. She looked stressed, lost and most importantly, not happy. Her face became dull. I felt really bad and I wanted to help her. I knew that she had a passion for yoga during her college days, so that was it.

I walked up to her and asked her to take Yoga sessions with me. She agreed and we scheduled a yoga session for the next day. That marked the beginning of the journey of SELF-CARE for my mother and she loved it. Even though I stopped doing yoga after a couple of weeks, she continued to practice Yoga everyday. To my surprise, she even started appreciating her other hobbies such as Skin Care, Cooking and Meditating. Over a period of time, probably after 4-5 months, my Grandma made an observation about my mother that her appearance had changed by a good margin. She was looking much happier, lively and more beautiful than ever. At that moment, I realized that my mother changed her routine a few months back, and everyone could see the positive changes in her.

This tale proved to be a live testimony for me to realize how valuable self-care is and how much it can help our Mental Health. I genuinely want people to have a self-care routine and follow it religiously as I have seen it really helps in one’s journey towards Mindfulness and Sanity. Take out some time everyday to focus on your mind, body and beauty. I promise it would be the best regular investment you’ll ever make.